♫♪  rootless - “Defensive Indifference (Brendon Anderegg Remix)”

We meet people, and they fade. That’s just how it is. It’s a horrible, amazing aspect of human life. Things disintegrate. Erode. Cooking together becomes a shit you take later. Inward warmth to outward warmth to universal coldness. Yes, the past is ever-expanding, and it all eventually evaporates, but it all comes back, too. Through memory. Memory, a necessary evolutionary survival skill, can ironically dampen the want to evolve and survive, though. Two sides to the coin, I suppose. We just try and keep in the world. You bite your lip and wait for that great day. For the rushed kiss and soft skin of another. For a dollop of kindness from a stranger. For an insight which alleviates some internal pressure. The stubbed toe can wait. It can be used for future avoidance of future stubbed toes. But the sting of cut grass in springtime, of a thoughtful question from a child, of a day alone with a good book for the first time: these are the moments that stay with us. That haunt us. For good reason.

Jeremy Hurewitz, who records as rootless, speaks to these sentiments. His musical output is the wading between the great day and the shitty one. The mucus between the two. On his recently-released, self-titled record for the champion of the underground that is Experimedia, his guitar sinuates the muck of daily living with the joyous connection that can occur within any moment. And the remembrance of that moment. For better or worse.

Watch a video for “Defensive Indifference (Brendon Anderegg Remix)” below. It will pan the details and help with the coping of everyday life. Someone else feels it, too. And there is a memory, recorded, to prove such a fact.

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