Sam Hatzaras
2007-2012 [CS; I Had an Accident]

The strangest things come in the mail, oftentimes without me expecting them. Such is the case with Sam Hatzaras’ 2007-2012. It’s a weird blend of 90s hip-hop, 80s new-wave, and 70s new-age. It’s Wu-Tang Clan sowing the assholes shut of Human League and feeding them tiny bits of Terry Riley. It’s spiritual in its connectivity, combining smatterings of Hatzaras’ varied projects into a colorful palette of musical visions. I’m tripping hard with Enya as we desperately reach to grope Dale Bozzio in a slo-mo plane. That’s the beauty of all of this: It’s EVERYTHING. As the modern music world reaches into the past and future for inspiration, Hatzaras teleports in a phone booth through epochal atmospheres to collect a who’s who of sounds. 2007-2012 is a touchstone to so many sounds, perhaps the Dead Sea Scrolls deciphered. This is a trip that doesn’t quit. Who would want it to? I always wanted to know what went on in Wonka’s tunnel, and Hatzaras is finally opening his factory to me. All I had to do was crawl through the rabbit hole of my mailbox.


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