♫♪  Sam Hatzaras / noino - Split

So, you mean to tell me that Oxtail Recordings, one of my favorite tape labels to emerge over the last year or so, who up until now has exclusively dealt with noise/synth/experimental/etc. releases, has offered up a split tape filled with beats and collages? Well, hot dog!!! Am I lucky or what?!

Hell, you’re all lucky too, because Oxtail doesn’t just exists for my ears; they are for the people’s ears. And while I’m more partial to the noino side of the split, both sides are killer and highly, highly flippable. Copies are still available from Oxtail (along with the Rhucle tape from the same batch), and the whole dang thing is streaming below for your pleasure. Get at it:

• Sam Hatzaras: http://www.discogs.com/artist/2731510-Sam-Hatzaras
• noino: https://noino.bandcamp.com
• Oxtail Recordings: https://oxtailrecordings.bandcamp.com

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