Seeami x Albino Deers
(EP) [CS; Adhesive Sounds]

In a Venn Diagram which represents the music of the Olympic games and the music of the Eurovision Song Contest, the overlap is where Seeami and Albino Deers exist. A day in an age yet to come where traditional National Anthems cease to exist because they are too utilitarian, replaced by the works of wunderkinds that are shaping 21st Century works of musical art. When the pageantry of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies is also a heavily watched and voted content itself. Where everyone stands on a podium with their Uranium and Plutonium medals glowing brightly in a sea of humanity that is embraced by all in a swirl of post-20th Century sounds. It’s a lofty idealism instilled within (EP) but it’s there, proudly beaming. Where collaborators in New Zealand (I lost my bet) and Rome can come together to create music that is truly Olympian. Where we no longer care about who is most fashionable or which country dedicates more state funds to feats of athleticism, but where we cheer for the most heroic stories and the time honored tradition of (wo)men overcoming physical forces without bulldozing, slashing-and-burning, tunnel jacking, underwater drilling, et al.


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