Shy Mirrors
Dodging The Column [CS; Mirror Universe]

Everyone can use an injection of youthful exuberance every now and then. We spend so many of our days worried about “adult” things, things largely artificial that we have been socialized to worry about. But when we are young we have the strange luxury of worrying primarily about other people and our relationships to them.

Which is definitely what this particular cassette is concerned about: the prolific use of the word “you” in the lyrics proves that if nothing else. It has the feeling of going back over an argument in your head, what you did say, what you wish you said, what you would say different in retrospect. It’s an endless parade of other theoretical arguments and how you would win them; things we do for our egos when we are young and it matters to us. That feeling is gilded by fuzzy, warm and muscular guitars, drums and vocals. This music sounds positively joyous, which creates a pleasurable tension between what could otherwise have been forlorn lyrics and music that feels like rays of summer sun. It’s a tension and energy that “adult” life has little way of creating, and it’s nice to have 31 minutes worth of magnetic tape provide it.


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