♫♪  Shy Mirrors - “Plastic Skull”

Mirror Universe Tapes sort of cares about bullets and slides and chords. Without A Trace is the week old compilation of songs that highlights the past, present, and future Mirror Universe Tapes hanging out with, for the most part, previously unreleased MU material. Download it as a pay-want-you-want peak into their new sister label Serenity Now Tapes. A label that will focus on more “dark, heavy, abrasive things that don’t necessarily fit the vibe we’ve had over the past couple years.” Their Without A Trace compilation sits steady with a new psych mantra compared to a super chill back catalog that held releases that run for two hundred bucks over on Discogs (if you’re a fan of Shy Mirrors, you’ll dig the LeMays cover of Steely Dan’s Dirty Work).

It’s been two years since the Swede’s Shy Mirrors’ last release on MU. Back in 2013, Wrong Bomb stuck a raw, rough fuck-whatever-you-are through accompanying fuzz in one of MU’s original “fuck yous” to the chiller line of releases they’ve had. Serenity Now Tapes is a “darker sister” twee-punk label Super Soaker and it doesn’t fuck with whatever you want it to be. For a crew who released early recordings of Dead Gaze, M. Sage, Cough Cool, and Cop Magnet, Mirror Universe Tapes forever holds a representative position, welcoming the new comers and guiding them onto tape. Mirror Universe Tapes is readying an edition of 100 hand stamped Shy Mirrors cassettes with full color jcards, designed by Jason Pierce, holding strong at 18 songs for $8. Dodging the Column is out on April 7.

P.S. If anyone has a Cop Magnet tape please contact the writer (travis.everywhere@gmail,com)

• Shy Mirrors: https://shymirrors.bandcamp.com
• Mirror Universe Tapes: http://www.mirroruniversetapes.com

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