Information Pollution [LP; Further]

Noise Self Tape was Strategy going next level. And not that sorry 2-2 underwater shit, but from 8-bit to 64-bits of 3D jumps into watery portraits. Getting all the damn stars. But gone are the tape loops; gone are synths; gone are plumbers living in a fairy land of dinosaurs and talking mushrooms. Yet the static from all those pipe transfers and the ripples from the canvas still linger. Information Pollution is unused frequencies and ignored distress calls from the parallel reaching across the thin veil. Rather than taking a step back with a watery jet pack, Information Pollution is more a tribute to the old 8-bit technology. With little equipment to work due to a change of scenery, Strategy’s Paul Dickow has created something low-tech with high-value. It’s a throwback to youth — not only ours, but his own. Yet, it’s rooted in the now. Information pollution isn’t some new phenomenon, rather it’s just been ratcheted up. It’s vivid graphics, hyper marketing, and AAA conglomeration clogging up your gaming systems, inboxes, mailboxes, turntables, tape players, satellite radios, smartphones….

It’s exhausting to think of all the communication particles that seep into our systems. No amount of filters or blinders can stop it, just slow it down. Information Pollution embraces the high speed bandwidth, playing with friends online in real time as it chats about the good old days of 1-UPs and breaking bricks. Somehow Dickow has harnessed the worst of our times and turned it into the best of them.

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