♫♪  Guest Mix: Strategy - Touching That Dial

Tiny Mix Tapes Guest Mix 25 Touching that Dial ain’t the first time Strategy (a.k.a. Paul Dickow) was ever convicted of arson. He’s been setting fires all over the neighborhood since 2003, dancing across labels such as Kranky, Peak Oil, 100% Silk, Field Hymns, Entr’acte, Idle Hands, and (once again) Further Records. Information Pollution, Strategy’s newest Further Records LP, is dropping February 28 (listen to the single “Public Voyeurs”), and in celebration of the album burning all our roofs down at the end of this month, Tiny Mix Tapes was honored with a bonfire of blue-flamed heat in the form of Touching that Dial. Rough terrain lies within, as Strategy flexes superb mixing and production skills, flaunting a flavorful variety of music that stems from John Cage, Austin Cesear, DJ Guy — shitt. It’s time to get busy, Monday. The week ahead is waiting.

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♥ John Cage — “Fontana Mix” (Turnabout)
♥ Esther Venrooy — “Shift Coordinate Points” (Entr’acte)
♥ Strategy — “Public Voyeurs” (Further)
♥ Strategy — “Milepost 4” (Idle Hands)
♥ Radio Boy — “London” (Antiphon)
♥ Strategy — “Sines of Intelligent Life” (Entr’acte)
♥ BOA — “Roman Gold” (Seagrave)
♥ Dreamlogicc — “Re-Entry” (Main Drain Studios)
♥ DJ Guy — “20” (All Caps)
♥ Royer — “Skokie Intruder” (Material Image)
♥ Austin Cesear — “1 Year” (Proibito)
♥ Cartel Productions — “Park Central” (REEL Discs)
♥ Continuous Dick — “Hangin’ Out” (Supesharu Recordings)

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