Contackt [CS; Holodeck]

Too many influences! I’m riddled with the prog-metal-synth-outer-jams of Sungod but who cares to extrapolate every touchstone? Sungod exist to bring your favorites together in one hell of a stage show, without so much as needing a performance for your cortex to picture the fog machine, the stunning laser light show, and the band’s enigmatic entrance. “Smell of Physiqal” is angry Floyd, Waters and Gilmour taking their spats public. “Gas is Better than Gas” is synth-psych, the sort of psycho future Dennis Hopper fueled in visions never meant for public consumption. “Comrade Voyager” reminds me a tighter Bad Dudes, the 80s indulgence glam of “Eat Drugs” replaced with deeper diplomatic relations as arbitrated by kraut. This is air guitar licks, cushion drumming, and Goodwill dress-up at its most epic. This one doesn’t miss a beat and is surely but the first of many knockouts from the next big (big being relative in the world of cassettes) thing.

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