HD015LP​/​540​-​046​/​LLR010 [LP/CS; Holodeck]

There’s something uplifting to be argued in favor of isolation. Cut off from the world, instinct takes over. Senses keenly improve. The strong are able to maintain their humanity while tapping into feral abstracts. I doubt Survive is taking itself this literally with its recent Blade Runner incarnation, but it’s safe to project that in our doomed alternative timeline, the music of HD015LP​/​540​-​046​/​LLR010 will help us remember the methods of survival: lonerism. It’s a moonlit dash from one safety zone to the other, all the while finding the bare minimum of necessities to eek out another day. Though it seems stark — perhaps even dark — there’s hopefulness in the vision. No one wants us to end up in the dark, victims of our own fascination with the post-apocalyptic. But should it ever come to pass, those who find the will to [S]urvive will find themselves proud of their transformation. It’s a sad future but their is brightness for those who see it as the new beginning it is. Survive are giving us the tools of preparedness in case the day comes.

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