2012: S U R V I V E - S U R V I V E [reissue]

When it comes to the recent string of synth-heavy solo acts, bands, and reissues, my opinions can go either way. Sometimes a record comes along that blows me away with creativity, originality, or an ability to breathe new life in an otherwise desiccate form. Other times, I’ll listen, shrug, and move on to the next thing. Austin quartet S U R V I V E originally released their self-titled debut on Berlin’s Mannequin Records, but Holodeck Records (co-run by the band’s Adam Jones, who also moonlights in Troller) and Light Lodge Records have done the lord’s work and re-released the record for domestic audiences. In many ways, this release is a “homecoming,” as the label puts it, because, in addition to Jones, most of the S U R V I V E crew are part of the Holodeck family. The nine dank synth workouts on this LP are a natural fit for the label, as Holodeck has spent the past couple of years curating a roster of like-minded and eclectic sounds from Austin and beyond.

The reissue comes at an appropriate time, as the band had music from this release included in Adam Wingard’s film The Guest, and S U R V I V E’s brand of sci-fi synth tunes have become de rigueur in the indie music world. Labels are pressing new versions of old sci-fi and horror soundtracks (yawn!), whose necessity of being unearthed continues to spark debate, while bands out of L.A., New York, and bedroom studios in Anytown, USA are exploring synth-based, sci-fi-leaning works. It’s fitting that S U R V I V E have come back to show the kids how it’s done, as none of the jams have lost any of their potency. From the ambient leaning “Deserted Skies” and “Shunting Yard,” to the hard-hitting, beat driven “Hourglass” and “Floating Cube,” S U R V I V E brings it. The analog synth heads will be frothing over these tunes.


There’s a lot of good music out there, and it’s not all being released this year. With DeLorean, we aim to rediscover overlooked artists and genres, to listen to music historically and contextually, to underscore the fluidity of music. While we will cover reissues here, our focus will be on music that’s not being pushed by a PR firm.

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