Free World [CS; Körper / Leib]

The warped duo of Talibam! continue to make the most discordant music(?). And now the influence is stretching its wavy gravy arm across the Atlantic, taken into grasp by Italian label Körper / Leib. And that’s all you need to know. Because if you’re at all familiar with Talibam!, the only other nugget of information is you know that what to expect is the unexpected. It seems the duo continue to move further away from anything resembling the ethos of jazz, rather focusing on the logos. Some may call it meta but seriously, don’t even. It’s a sin to the wonky ADHD of Talibam!. Though Free World does tend toward the metaphysical — the essence of jazz rather than the execution — it’s also street music, free form art and a handful of other outsider scenes smooshed together in the band’s patty-caking hands. Nobs turn, beats drop, kitchen sinks explode. All in an album’s work for a band challenging what music is supposed to be and how we are supposed to listen.


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