Workin’ Man Noise Unit
Drinkin’ Stella to Make Music to Drink Stella to [CS; DoubleDotDash]

I swear to fucking christ, loose hi-hats and just the right amount of distortion is a million-dollar formula. Problem is, there’s technically often not a lot of money in it. And then you have bands that are being paid major-label cash-money to strangle the sound of their guitars more with every album, robbing them of all feeling (sort of like a dude cutting the circulation to his nutsack by wrapping a rubber band around it a few times). Flying in the face of that archetype are groups like Workin’ Man Noise Unit, who manage to conjure hardcore magic with $12, grit, and maybe a roll of duct tape. The guitar tone of oldie-but-goodie Gravity groups, the drums of old Level Plane partners, and rough-ridin’ vocals every bit as raw as Dennis Lyxzén’s earliest recordings with Refused — that’s a recipe for absolute gold, in and of itself, but there’s an additional wrinkle: It has been blasted to tape, and it actually sounds good (and by “good” I mean “what most would call ‘bad’”). Lo-fi goodness akin to Beauty Apes, ancient Song Of Zarathustra/Racebannon, and the early demos of a lot of groups that eventually cleaned themselves up. Staple this to your face and jump out your GODDamned window, kapish?

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