♫♪  Workin’ Man Noise Unit - “Turn It Off”

They’re BAAAAAaaaack…

The Noise Unit, the WORKIN’ MAN Noise Unit, returns to shred again. They been gone since ‘15, holed up doing whatever cretin-type shit cretins do in holes where nobody can see their severe cretin-ness. In this case, the cretins have been perfecting their noisy noise-rock, figuring out how they can push their stacks from 11 to 12 (I know, impossible, right?), and generally laying out a blueprint for the most destructive mayhem their hometown of Reading, UK, has ever seen.

I mean, “Noise” is in the name, guys. It’s right there.

I mean, this is a band that once released a tape called Drinkin’ Stella to Make Music to Drink Stella To. This is a band that once dropped a Black Sabbath covers EP called Cack Sabbath Vol. 420. It’s not rocket science. Your face WILL be melted.

Your face will be melted as soon as the needle drops on It’s Not Nothin’, their brazen new LP on Riot Season Records, bongwater fresh as of 11/23. (Or 23/11 if you’re in the UK.) Can’t wait till then? Me neither! Your face will therefore be melted as soon as you press play on the link below for “Turn It Off,” a harbinger of unholy things to come. You know that feeling when you’re fleeing from the cops in a souped-up muscle car and you careen over the side of a cliff, hoping against hope that the cliff’s not too steep and you can do a sort of Dukes of Hazzard landing without fucking up your car or, uh, dying? That’s how you’ll feel in that split second of piercing feedback before the song drops into the chorus. Double devil horns.

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