♫♪  AAA - Fruit

x have released a collection of recordings from Vancouver-based artist AAA (a.k.a. Chris Von Szombathy and the abbreviation of Audio Ahdeo Awdio) on cassette to place in the center of your dining room table next to the candlesticks for when that special someone comes over. Simply titled Fruit, the album was recorded over a ten-day span back in 2014 but managed to stay fresh thanks to Szombathy’s futuristic jazz melodies and a rise in freezer bag technology.

Szombathy is also a visual artist, describing his work as “a lot of food and sex. occasionally death.” Ha! Fruit comes ten-plus years away from AAA’s first release Nine Lives (which has an incredible painting of a cat as its cover) and his most recent since Squiggle Dot’s release of Weird Alcohol. Listen to it all. Grab the tape from Elestial Sound. Fix yourself a smoothie. Watch the video for “Wax” and stream Fruit in its entirety below.

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