♫♪  aaronmaxwell - aaronmaxwell

We all got that d00d with the “same-old story.” Roastable slang that’s too enjoyable to keep quiet. But respect to ‘92, yah. And that swirly game on strong. Mojo ain’t never been no joke on a brother with a wanton, ok on the soy sauce. Them soy sauce shits go fleek. No. Lie. Just. Straight. Chill.

El Sereno Records read your mind recently. They were archiving thoughts across the world and saw that huge file buried somewhere on your desktop PC unit of aaronmaxwell jams. Not just a few either NAH, but almost all of it. Maybe Mr. P fronted some savings he’d be blue-balling. I don’t know him from Adam, having roomed with Adam for three years —No, two years.

aaronmaxwell is THE best-of compilation to grip in 2016. You’ll be SO MAD at yourself if this sold out while deciding whether or not to buy it.

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