♫♪  Aaronmaxwell / James Matthew - Split

Sit back, kick your feet up on a dog, and daydream of bombing hills while the sun’s out ‘cause the duo behind FAMILY EVENT are knocking. But the door was already open so they’re rummaging through your kitchen drawers. Sure, you can ask them to stop, but why? Aaronmaxwell found a five dollar wine opener and James Matthew is juggling corner store tangerines. Lend ‘em a couch or whip up some lasagna. I don’t know dude. They’re your responsibility now and they’ve refused to collaborate. But they still care for one another and resorted to releasing a Split. Don’t get into the dichotomy of “A” and “B” right now, we’ll never hear the end of it.

The jams spread around the Aaronmaxwell / James Matthew Split are as wavy as the cover font Colossal Tapes seems to dig. Nearly 28 minutes of afternoon SP-404 tinctures? Fuck yeah, come inside.

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