♫♪  AceMo - Atnos

AceMo’s music has a nice combination of bliss and steeze. Much of his production meshes the zen with the fly, elevating and transcending his tunes to a uniquely spiritual level while maintaining head-bobbing accessibility. Having just recently dropped a zanily zooted tape, Boarders for Bootleg Tapes, AceM0 is poised. His latest track “Atnos” furthers his introspective and meditative aptitude. Beginning with a slow and crunchy melodic mantra of sorts, the track progresses into a heavily swung array of clicks and clacks — a touchstone for many similar instrumental beat makers, yet AceMo maneuvers “Atnos” far beyond the norm. By the end of the track, AceMo has you transitioning into downward dog; the room is smokey and you forgot your socks.

• AceMo: https://soundcloud.com/acemo

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