Eartheater announces Trinity mixtape on her new label Chemical X

Eartheater announces Trinity mixtape on her new label Chemical X
Photo: Sam Clarke / Edited by: Christian Velasquez

If you’re a regular TMT reader, well… first off, sorry. Second, then you probably already know that Eartheater, a.k.a. Queens-based Alexandra Drewchin, is one of our <3 favorite <3 artists out there, with her latest album — 2018’s IRISIRI — making our year-end list with ease (much like how RIP Chrysalis did in 2015). So, it is with extreme giddiness that we announce Eartheater’s latest moves, of which there are thankfully many.

To maximize its absorption (and because TMT only knows how to bury ledes), we’re going with bullet points:

• Eartheater is releasing a new mixtape, titled Trinity. It was created “during an emotional and romantic summer” with a slew of New York-based producers like Acemo, Tony Seltzer, Kwes Darko, Color Plus, Denzxl, Dadras, and Hara Kiri. The metaphors in the lyrics refer to different states of water.

Trinity will be self-released on Eartheater’s new label, Chemical X.

• Our first preview of Trinity is “High Tide,” the tape’s first track. It’s produced by Ridgewood’s Acemo (another TMT favorite!) and will be officially released Wednesday, August 21 (the mixtape’s release date is TBA). Like the rest of the songs on the tape, she calls it “a gushy wet love anthem.”

• While we wait to hear “High Tide,” suck on this: on top of the new single and new mixtape and new label, Eartheater is already recording the follow-up to IRISIRI, which will once again be released on PAN.

• And on top of all of that, Eartheater wrote a currently unreleased album for Alarm Will Sound, titled When Fire Is Allowed To Finish. The chamber orchestra will perform the six-movement album September 19 at Merkin Hill, as part of the Ecstatic Music Festival.

Life is good!

“High Tide” single art (photo: Sam Clarke / art direction: Christian Velasquez)

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