♫♪  AceMo - Black Populous

It’s arrived. If you haven’t already noticed, AceMo is swan diving into all salads, because this level of club has rarely accrued such slaughter neo-punk. Black Populous takes the movement into a BRAND new maneuverable height surpassing all of Ace’s previous Bootleg Tapes or Swim Team releases. Like, Boarders had that storyteller vibe and REDSHIFT brought infinite agility: Black Populous identifies AceMo’s aesthetic architecture.

Foundation is all about building up, and where’s yr mans AceMo @ rn? Only way to expand in NYC is UP. Enjoy the skyline while you can see it. In a few years, there’ll merely be windows through parallel buildings. All corners of the city tagged and tented. Rent dirt cheap. Roaches in coffee filters of wet grounds. Bandaids holding buildings together. No more paper. AceMo’s Black Populous is no more paper; 2017 continues through an increasingly thick jungle of molten flames:

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