♫♪  AceMo & Fugitive - “SHOOTEM’UP”

The long awaited AceMo and Fugitive collaboration has finally “officially” emerged. All y’all close listeners have definitely heard “SHOOTEM’UP” either in a digital mix or live set, but now it’s SoundCloud official. And if that ain’t proof enough that the two NYC producers got something in store for a Bootleg Tapes EP, here’s a lil more savory evidence that shit about to pop.

“SHOOTEM’UP” alone is worth the hype. A while back, I had my Grams listen to the cut of Fugitive’s production jib, and she herself was trying to say “Purp” like the ad-nauseum expertise it’s been chopped in. However, the combination of AceMo and Fugitive have an insatiable rhythm that not only burns at the club, but draws in a bigger crowd. Using samples and drums galore, “SHOOTEM’UP” clip-shits a beat that is all about energy. Whether you’re in rush-hour traffic, plugged into headphones at your favorite bodega, or in an actual cross-fire of bullets, AceMo and Fugitive got you on the adrenaline boost. “SHOOTEM’UP” is more than caffeine, it’s a shot of back-alley epinephrine to the heart that hulks shirts off and drowns dance-parties in sweat.

Sound appealing? Well, you’re in luck (if you’re around the Queens/Brooklyn/Manhattan/Jersey City/Long Island areas)! AceMo and Fugitive are B2B’ing together at the next Bootleg Bass show. It’s next Friday, May 6, starts at 10PM, and you’ve gotta be the one who encourages me to stick around ‘til 6AM. Usually I dip around 3AM, but let’s make it a night. I know Ace and Fugitive and the whole crew would appreciate the love, and so would I. Chill!

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