♫♪  AceMo - REDSHIFT [teaser tracks]

The presence AceMo beholds in his newest Bootleg Tapes release, REDSHIFT is one that is directly implied through ethereal performance. As REDSHIFT is (almost entirely) a computer-composed project, AceMo delivers himself in music form as the demonstrator of club authority, while also maintaining this display by distributing physical cues using sound. Take “Gi Gi Bla Bla Bla” for example in terms of AceMo magically moving your body through the tool of audio indicators, blending genres (juke, house, grime) in the same demonstration a jazz percussionist would. Though, AceMo is less of a drum-kit type of producer, and more of a pianist that can maintain various rhythms using both hands, in fluctuation with a plethora of scaling that are sometimes even hidden within a beat, only to immerge later, dousing and setting fires in all corners of the club.

REDSHIFT just made a hard drop on Bootleg Tapes, so grip it before the AceMo is all gone-up:

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