♫♪  AF85 - ハイパーオリンピック (DIAMOND EDITION)

Take a gander at this beaut!

Here it comes. Ready? Well, no one is ever really ready, so don’t feel obligated to answer. See, what I was doing there was setting up an introduction for this very write-up. Here in this biz, it’s known as “floating the schoolmarm”. Lingo. Shoptalk. That old hat, you know?

Anywho, back to your readiness. I hope you are readiness, because mama TMT truly has a treat for you today. Like some modern day seraph bursting through the clouds with a midi keyboard, AF85 have unleashed their otherworldly, previously-released-in-2017 EP ハイパーオリンピック on cassette.

With each repeat listen, the image of returning home after an extended mining mission off the outskirts of the Milky Way seems to always come to mind. Full of longing, adventure, and space slugs, ハイパーオリンピック (DIAMOND EDITION) draws light on what was, and what could be. Oh, and it’s also fucking stunning in it’s own right.

Co-released by Genot Centre and Tobago Tracks, the tape’s B-side features remixes from Laura Luna, Ylang Ylang, eva01, wim dehaen, and R D VENNING, all of which respectively slay it.

Stream below, and cop here.

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