Laura Luna Castillo asks, “You think that’s air you’re breathing now?,” preps new album on Genot Centre

Laura Luna Castillo asks, "You think that's air you're breathing now?," preps new album on Genot Centre
A cover art glimpse of the forthcoming Laminares via Sam Balfus

Psshhht! I don’t need some snooty scientific analysis backed up by “facts” and “rational thinking” in order to understand the relationship between dreams and memory; artist Laura Luna Castillo has been capably exploring the subject herself ever since her debut solo album Isolarios came out in 2014, despite the risk of imposing on listeners multiple Matrix-like moments. Listening to that album does sound like reality has been convincingly blurred, and the talent on display so early in her musical career was actually enough to earn her a spot on the 2016 SHAPE platform, which led to performances at both the MUTEK and Unsound festivals that year. Maybe Castillo’s previously established film and multimedia skills honed a particular adeptness when it comes to conveying imaginary landscapes. Maybe she’s the real-life equivalent of that alluringly kick-ass memory maker from Blade Runner 2049. (It’s okay, Ryan, you dreamboat!)

Following a collaboration with Jara Tarnovski (Gurun Gurun) last year, Castillio is returning to the Prague-based Genot Centre label to facilitate the release of her next surreal endeavor: Laminares, out September 25. I assure you that the tracks are indeed tangibly-listenable and not prone to being whisked away into an unexplained ether! And they’re all beautifully consistent with the tone set by Laura Luna’s debut. You’d think this space in the ambient/drone world would be fully occupied by now, but she’s somehow managed to carve a distinct and fantastic place for herself.

For now, keep a VERY REAL web browser tab lucidly parked at Genot’s Bandcamp for Laminares-related music and ordering info and feel free to stream Isolarios and Luna & Tarnovski in the VERY REAL interim below:

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