♫♪  Airbird - “Free Mind”

Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! Mariah’s gonna be piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssed! Joel Ford (as in the Ford of Ford & Lopatin) has chopped, screwed, and synthed-out Mariah Carey’s powerful cut “Prisoner,” and he didn’t even ask her if she was down! It’s the new Frank Ocean vs. Don Henley! Nah, just kidding. Ford, who calls himself Airbird when he’s alone, has utilized the loophole-jumpin’ Legitmix to promote his new record Romance Layers. Legitmix makes you purchase the tracks he’s sampled (if you don’t already own them, and you know you own that Mariah track) in order to avoid legal confrontation. Maybe it’s not as badass as Ocean’s blatant theft of “Hotel California,” but it’s pretty chill I guess. Good thing is you can listen to the song right here, right now and get excited about the rest of Airbird’s new recording, which also includes reworks of music by Steve Roach and Basia.

• Airbird: http://soundcloud.com/airbird
• Legitmix: http://legitmix.com/Airbird/artist/3661/Free_Mind/mix/1312

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