♫♪  Airbird - “Goodnight”

It seems obligatory to mention that Airbird is Joel Ford, one half of Ford & Lopatin; Daniel Lopatin of course is also Oneohtrix Point Never, who set the world ablaze last year with Replica. But somehow, in describing this track from Airbird, knowing that ontology really makes little difference, in both preparation and appreciation. 0PN’s intrigue in the uncanny or nostalgic isn’t so palpable as his partner’s work on “Goodnight” (though I hear just a little Duran Duran, don’t you?); this track is more earnest and purely euphonious than the more concentrated output that has come from this pair in the past. Which, overall, makes it an excellent, listenable single.

Trust, an EP, will be out May 29 from Mexican Summer and Software, Ford and Lopatin’s own label.

• Airbird: http://softwarelabel.net/release/trust
• Software: http://softwarelabel.net

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