♫♪  Alförjs - Demons 1

Hanging out at the precipice of the radical, where agitators and antagonists commingle, one’s liable to see some shit, of the proverbial “seen some shit” variety, that is.

Like roving bicycle gangs wheelying giant-tired BMXes along the entire stretch of one of those lower Manhattan blocks that actually still looks like New York City. Do you know the one?

Or a 50-year-old-man scratching at a snare drum like a rabid guinea pig while screaming about purple gloves. (“I had a pair of gloves, they were purple. Purple gloves … PURPLE GLOVES!!!) Do you know the one?

When putting the ‘out’ in ‘outchea,’ grab a chair by the door. Exercise the right to disassemble. Feel free.

Alförjs is Mestre André on tenor, electronics, percussion, mbira and vocals, Bernardo Álvares on contrabass and vocals, and Raphael Soares on drums and percussion. Their second album Demons 1, is out now on digital and CD formats.

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