♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 123 - The World’s A Graveyard and Every Day Is Halloween

In the mob’s damning stares, the shtetl woman saw reflections of not only burning torches but also burning hypocrisy, and this the worse conflagration. It wasn’t enough that they’d spread their shameful lies to her customers. It wasn’t enough that they’d marked and ransacked her market stall. They, whose children daily enjoyed the fruits of her sister-kin’s bloody toils, now dared bring their accusations of blood libel to a part of town they’d otherwise never deign to enter and to the door of her family home?! No, not this night, she thought, not without real sacrifice. For that was what they accused, and that was what they demanded, wasn’t it? So be it then.

“Yes! Yes, I drank of your child’s blood!” she moaned at her nearest accuser. “And yours,” she cried to the next. “He’s the fat one, isn’t he? Tonight I’ll bathe in his!” The crowd inhaled a ghastly gasp. “And yours!” And another. “And yours!” The horde receded. “And tomorrow the streets will run red with goyim baby blood!”

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[00:17] Angelo Badalamenti - “Dark Mood Woods (Twin Lakes Mix)”
[04:27] Grandmilly & Shozae - “Halloween” (Unreleased)
[06:34] Alförjs - “Ajiba”
[09:21] 30XX - “Death Machine”
[09:21] Mars89 - “Poltergeist”
[11:04] Evan Caminiti - “Possession”
[14:35] ELUCID - “Piano Wire”
[16:45] Oaht - “Till Days Over (Gothic Marxism Mix)”
[19:45] Anthony Pasquarosa - “Godforsaken Country (Seq. 2)”
[21:58] Rozewood - “Stranger Danger”

Special thanks to Grandmilly and Shozae, whose Mausoleum EP is coming October 31; and to Andy Koufax, whose voice can be heard on the “Twin Lakes” and “Gothic Marxism” mixes and whose ancestral in-laws inspired the tale above.

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