♫♪  All These Fingers - Blanche

That the 18 beats comprising Blanche are almost considered throwaways by All These Fingers — who writes, “While working on the upcoming release HOODS, the tracks on this tape began stacking up simultaneously. Rather than keeping it in the archives for an undetermined amount of time, I just decided to release it.” — is far scarier than his music’s overall aesthetic, which is pretty damn spooky in its own right.

On the other hand, All These Fingers is, at least based on his bandcamp page, a member of the current beatmaker generation, which is known for achieving prolificity over a relatively short period. Indeed, Blanche is his fourth release of 2014 and at least the 35th (including singles, EPs, LPs and beat tapes) since his first full-length LP came out in 2008.

If you think this speaks to a lack of quality control, then think again. The beats on here are so good it’s scary.

Scarier still, all this work is available for whatever price you want to pay. Somebody, put this kid’s stuff out on cassette and/or vinyl. (CD format just wouldn’t do.)

• All These Fingers: http://allthesefingers.bandcamp.com

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