♫♪  Amy Reid - “Icon” (Remix)

Ethereal space:

Have you walked in sunlight? Have you felt nostalgia?

When I look at the sky I see the airplane trails. When you’re in an airplane you can’t look behind you, not like in a boat, when you’re drifting over the water at dusk and the wind kisses your face and you look behind the boat to watch the wake, the waves cutting through the glassy surface.

I’m pretty sure dogs communicate with us primarily through facial expressions and eye contact. You shouldn’t look an angry dog in the eyes. But when the dog is calm and happy you can look all you want.

Listen—do you hear the light shimmering in this song? Has a window ever reflected your shadow as you look through to the other side?

Do you hear the voices? They leak through but they don’t want to be heard. Still, you can listen all you want.

Stream Amy Reid’s lustrous remix of George Corey Todd’s “Icon” below via Atlantic Rhythms, and be on the lookout for a longer ambient project from her in the future.

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