♫♪  Amy Reid - “Threshold”

It’s okay to have too many books. I think. I buy books too often, much faster than I read them. After all, it’s more exciting to picture yourself reading books than actually reading books. And it is certainly more exciting to shop for and purchase books than read them. Being in a bookshop is exhilarating partly because you’re shopping for (and assumedly buying) something that’s supposed to make you smarter. But unlike most purchases, books don’t necessarily offer instant gratification, unless you consider the acquisition of a material item gratifying, in like, a capitalistic sense (lol). To be truly satisfied with the purchase, you must read the book, and beyond that, you have to like the book. Reading it might take months. Years, even, depending on when you actually start reading it. Still, it’s nice to have a ton of books around for inspiration’s sake, no?

Books can, for instance, inspire one to DANCE. Like in the above video for Amy Reid’s illustrious, kinda-ethereal, kinda-ambient new track “Threshold.” Dancing—now there’s something that does offer instant gratification, and you don’t even have to buy it. How liberating! Maybe that’s why Talbolt Johnson (the employee in the video) decides to get down in the bookshop in front of all those volumes.

Amy Reid hails from Baltimore, which is exciting, because I like the Baltimore scene quite a lot, and am excited for its burgeoning future. “Threshold” is the first track from Reid’s SOLO project out RIGHT NOW on Friend’s Records.

Watch the video for “Threshold” above, dir. by Emily Eaglin.

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