♫♪  Andreas Brandal - The Delusive Light

The Delusive Light: sounds from the solitary lair: brooding notes quake within the seldom seen tunnels of the burrower; cobwebs are pierced by the arachnid’s shadow; a family of lizards curls up in the skeleton of a rattlesnake. He has risen, but not emerged from the dark stone chill of the tomb - the acoustics are just too good in there. Man becomes phantom; musician becomes magician - not dark magic, magic in the dark. At the stroke of midnight, the concert pianist loosens his tie, lets his guard down, and floats away, with butt on piano bench, and head on arm and arm on piano, as the flood waters rise high enough to cover Earth. No up or down; the oceans reflect the skies. It’s cold at first, but one gets used to it.

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