Pull the thread back through the keyhole. Round off that bandaged table leg with sandpaper. Take a pen knife and poke a hole in your belt, slim one. Reposition the olisbo-kollix on your bookshelf so it gives off just the right vibe.

Do all of the above if you feel like it. Do more if you want. But maybe before tackling any of it, check out this “live experimentation” between CHAMBRY and ANTON MOBIN. Using prepared cassettes, Roland samplers, tape loops, and even previous CINDYS TAPES releases, the two produce the audio equivalent of channel surfing.

Scope out the entire stream below, and snag one of the limited cassettes from either CINDYS TAPES or H.A.K. LOFI RECORD.

• CHAMBRY: https://soundcloud.com/chambry
• ANTON MOBIN: https://soundcloud.com/anton-mobin
• CINDYS TAPES: https://cindystapes.bandcamp.com
• H.A.K. LOFI RECORD: http://hakrecords.blogspot.com

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