♫♪  cmrmn / chambry - Tonus

You mean to tell me that a turtle and a stork show up in the new teaser video for cmrmn and chambry’s split tape, Tonus? Shoot, with that knowledge, you know I’m on board! I mean, after being raised by the HEAD of the Bureau of Turtle and Stork Licensing, I’ve gotta make my Papa proud. What would he think if I overlooked this one? You’re right: he probably wouldn’t think. He’d just get right back to work, registering as many turtles and storks as possible in hope of a better, more licensed tomorrow. God bless that man.

Tonus is available via cassette, digital stream, digital download, or NOT AT ALL if you forget to register your turtle and/or stork. So, hop — or slowly walk/do-whatever-the-hell-a-stork-does — to it and get these tracks in yer domepiece.

• Cindys Tapes: https://cindystapes.bandcamp.com
• cmrmn: https://soundcloud.com/cameraman
• chambry: https://soundcloud.com/chambry

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