♫♪  Apparat - “Candil De La Calle” (Fennesz Remix)

Christian Fennesz has a way of making noise intimately listenable, whether it’s by playing with pure washes of white sound, sequencing glitches, or just couching melody amid not-melody until an interesting clash emerges.

If a song is like a painting, then a Fennesz remix is like a new, glorifying frame for that painting. Except, in the way that Fennesz can take a song and completely embed it in its new massive landscape of noise, the frame isn’t so much a “frame” as it is an entire gallery. Take the Apparat track here, for example. Instead of reinterpreting the song with his own means, like a traditional remix, it’s more as if Fennesz has submerged the song in a new conductive medium. He hasn’t messed with the song itself, but has done something like set fire to the air it’s floating through.

And this fits Apparat well. The wailing vocals of “Candil De La Calle” glitter through the walls of static, and the beat makes the whole concoction jump and thrive. The remix was posted by Mute UK along with a handful of other remixes of Apparat songs. Music is good.

• Fennesz: http://www.fennesz.com
• Apparat: http://www.apparat.net
• Mute: http://mute.com

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