Apparat releasing LP inspired by War and Peace, and he’s really hoping you’ll join his book club too

Apparat releasing LP inspired by War and Peace, and he's really hoping you'll join his book club too

I have not read War and Peace. I’m in the middle of Dee Dee Ramone’s book, and I want to read Keith Richards’ book too. I want to read everything by Roberto Bolaño and Haruki Murakami. I want to read Infinite Jest and House of Leaves, and I want to re-read Harry Potter. I’m not sure if I’ll make it to War and Peace. Sorry, Tolstoy.

You know who has read War and Peace though? Apparat a.k.a. Sascha Ring. According to Resident Advisor and FACT, the German producer spent a month working with a 30-piece instrumental ensemble to record the soundtrack for Sebastian Hartmann’s theatrical interpretation of the novel. Even though Apparat didn’t intend to officially release any of the music, he took it into the studio after the final performance of War and Peace, and, along with Apparat live band members Philipp Timm and Christoph Hartmann, tweaked it a bit and ended up with Krieg und Freiden, which will be his seventh LP. He describes the album as “a bit of a weird record with not many beats and lots of drones,” and he goes on to say that “it’s the first record ever that didn’t hurt at some point. It’s full of imperfection because it was made by humans.”

Krieg und Freiden will be released on February 15 via Mute Records. Until then, you can stream (and download!) a track called “A Violent Sky”:

Krieg und Freiden tracklist:

01. 44
02. 44 (noise version)
03. LightOn
04. Tod
05. Blank Page
06. PV
07. K&F Thema (pizzicato)
08. K&F Thema
09. Austerlitz
10. A Violent Sky

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