♫♪  Ariel Zetina - “Valenzetina”

How deep is your cup of French vanilla fantasy? As deep as these padspadding hips and thighs, creating the house in which we live, even if temporarily.

If your blood is boiling, simmering through your veins, here’s a quenching antidote, yet one with a nonetheless insistent pulse.

And only Ariel Zetina could take the throwaway phrases of reality TV, which nonetheless are constructed precisely to encapsulate more than any others our deepest hopes, aspirations and wishes for memeability, and turn them into something with a deeper resonance (emotional and sonic), with una pizca of Latinx solidarity.

The mask is at last taken off, and if there’s another mask beneath… well, in our house it’s masks all the way down.

Ariel Zetina’s EP ‘Shell’ is out now on Head Charge.

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