♫♪  Armand Hammer - Half Measures [mixtape]

Historically speaking, Armand Hammer was a wealthy industrialist and art collector who chaired Occidental Petroleum, pissed off his PR agent, and rubbed shoulders with numerous Soviet and American politicians, surely hatching many a nefarious self-serving scheme in the process; conspiracy theorists be damned.

Yesterday, Armand Hammer was that guy’s grandson and the dude who played the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network.

Today and from here on out, Armand Hammer is a Brooklyn rap duo consisting of billy woods and Elucid, who — between Dour Candy and For Madmen Only — are already individually responsible for two of 2013’s best albums.

Today, I will repeatedly stream their debut mixtape Half Measures, wondering if the title comes from that Breaking Bad episode. It must, right?

Tomorrow, I will continue eagerly anticipating their debut album Race Music, coming October 22 on Backwoodz.

• billy woods: https://www.facebook.com/williambodega
• Elucid: https://twitter.com/elucidwho
• Backwoodz Studioz: http://backwoodzstudioz.com

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