♫♪  Chocolate Grinder Mix 126 - Day of the Dead: The Remake

Every other year since I started Chocolate Grinding, I’ve done a Halloween mix. The past three were called Day of the Dead: The Halloween Hangover Mix, Devil’s Night 2015, and The World’s A Graveyard and Every Day Is Halloween. This one’s called Day of the Dead: The Remake, because I sampled some of the same vinyl I used for the first mix. Also, presumably, with the holiday falling on a Thursday this year, a lot of people will be attending Halloween parties during the Day of the Dead festival. Thirdly, I was going for more of a funny-scary mood this time around, like a bad-good remake with extra schlocky special effects.

Thanks to Geng a.k.a. King Vision Ultra, Ryan Graveface of Marshmallow Ghosts, Andy Koufax, billy woods and Blockhead, Spaghetti Blacc, and Seth Graham for throwing me tracks to use on this mix. The King Vision Ultra demo is for an upcoming project with Sour Spirit, the Marshmallow Ghosts track is out now on limited-edition vinyl, Andy Koufax’s “Issues” is an unreleased beat, the billy woods and Blockhead demo is an unreleased cut from 2015, Craymen’s “Succulent Manila Tamarind” will be on an upcoming album, and Seth Graham’s demo is an unreleased fragment. As always, the rest of the songs on here are from albums released this year.

Lastly, if you’ve enjoyed this and/or any of my Halloween mixes, some credit is due to former Infinity Records employee Damien. Yes, that’s actually his name. If you ever went to Infinity around this time of year in the late 2000s or early 2010s, you might’ve caught him making Halloween mixes or demo-ing them on the store’s stereo system. I haven’t seen the guy since he stopped working there, and I don’t have any of those mixes, but they were a big inspiration nonetheless.

I hope you enjoy it. Happy Halloween!

[00:27] King Vision Ultra - “Wretch” (Demo)
[01:10] Lingua Ignota - “Fucking Death Dealer”
[03:28] Shitao - “Castle”
[05:46] Joragon - “If you see a bad bitch with a Chainsaw Car RUNNN!!!”
[08:04] Yugen Blakrok - “Metallik Crow” ft. Jak Tripper (Sword Edit)
[12:40] Kinlaw & Franco Franco - “Eric Draven”
[15:43] Ghostride the Drift - “B2”
[16:20] The Marshmallow Ghosts - “S.O.S.” ft. The Casket Girls
[19:56] Andy Koufax - “Issues”
[22:15] billy woods - “Witching Hour” (Blockhead Demo)
[25:06] CARL - “The Arboretum”
[29:52] City & i.o - “Fatal Flower”
[32:56] Craymen (Spaghetti Blacc & Zenmaster Dead) - “Succulent Manila Tamarind”
[35:29] Seth Graham - Untitled Demo

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