♫♪  Armand Hammer - “Shark Fin Soup”

The first dish of Armand Hammer’s heavily anticipated Race Music has been served. Named for a once-popular Chinatown delicacy soon to be semi-banned in New York, “Shark Fin Soup” is a mouth-watering appetizer prepping our palates for more locally-flavored, internationally-informed cuisine to come. Locavores and culinarians delight, as woods and Elucid plate their finest courses in Iron Chef-style competition.

The single — streaming below — has almost nothing to do with food. Race Music comes out on CD October 22, but reservations are available here. Order up!

• Backwoodz Studioz: http://backwoodzstudioz.com
• billy woods: https://www.facebook.com/williambodega
• Elucid: https://twitter.com/elucidwho

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