♫♪  Ashley Paul - “Distance” (sample)

Setting fire to the chart and tapestry and wishing to forget that one small slow incision down the middle roughly. Graphite nubs wipe out the limbs and hard rock dents the torso. And molding impossible metals into spiral columns. The stout and tall spiral columns are permanent fixtures, as is the slow turning of a pig on a spit. Kinetic stationery. 13-inch TV/VCR screen on the other side of the abandoned black site broadcasts the cartoon “pig-on-a-spit.” Pink saturation causing a slow blindness, through gouging; what comes out is that “vile jelly,” according to Cornwall. Desensitization to the constant pain is remedied by a gradual increase. Lay the pain chart (still on fire) over the slope of the Great Plains; you’ll see.

Ashley Paul’s live album 04.10.15 is out today on OTOroku.

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