♫♪  Ashley Paul - “Heat Source (Seth Graham Remix)”

!!!Remix on deck!!! The title track off Ashley Paul’s Heat Source LP gets an as-yet online-only spa treatment from The Goop himself, Seth Graham. We caught ya flexing this time, SG! (っ ˘ ³˘)っ Here, one-half of the Orange Milk hydra manages to work off some excess vapor trailing Paul’s bare woodwind outputs and vocal free-form compositions, crafting his own abstract engine.

This time around, the fountain recycles fragile frequencies and wobbly coos, some rewinding themselves back into the source and others resurfacing into the chilled atmosphere. Under the hood, the turnout is a turned down turn up. It’s a tender little widget, but not sure if it’s totally viable, tbh. Streaming the embedded file, I can feel it whirl around my headphones and tap on my temples, but can I get a read out of my body temperature? Don’t sweat it ‘cause I’m already heading off on another noodle of a wavelength and “personal” hit “intimate” with a full-on re-evaluation. Ya kno what? I think I’m actually coolin’ off this heat source. It’s got a coolness and a headiness… and coolheadedness. Ah! Here’s a new age parlor trick just for you: hold your breath and try to balance your mind while rubbing your consciousness.

Ashley Paul’s Heat Source is out now on Important.

• Ashley Paul: http://soundcloud.com/ashleypaul
• Important: http://importantrecords.com

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