♫♪  Autre Ne Veut - “World War Pt.2” (Age of Transparency Vol. II: The Avatar Sessions)

This is interesting. I believe FKA Twigs did something like this too, but Autre Ne Veut just covered his own song in an acoustic measure to… bring MORE emotion to “World War Pt. 2?” But it’s hot, of course. Recorded during the ‘Age of Transparency Vol. II: The Avatar Sessions,’ Autre Ne Veut is joined by female backing vocals, a lightly tapped piano, stand-up base, steady/subtle drumming, and not Daniel Loptain. And it —for sure— makes me feel a lil clingy. Shit, ever since the album announcement I’ve been itching to get some of that ANV lyrical spiral coursing through my mind. Got that wedding coming up, and having a some guidance would help, no matter if it’s the Book of How To Stay Married or the Age of Transparency. In the mean time, or at the very least, the most CHILL time… feel where Autre Ne Veut is coming from in “World War Pt.2” (Age of Transparency Vol. II: The Avatar Sessions) and nod just as slow to the rythm:

• Autre Ne Veut: http://autreneveut.com
• Downtown: http://downtownrecords.com

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