♫♪  AyGeeTee - Forward Elegy

Although, I’ve no personal connection to AyGeeTee outside the digital world’s brand of text communication, but throughout the years of writing for TMT and the producer’s influence on and through so many other musicians is something I admire a lot, so whenever hearing a new AyGeeTee release — especially one on Memory No. 36 Recordings (Forward Elegy) — I kinda geek a little and being to renew a nostalgia that continues to grow and exist inside me. For me, Forward Elegy is nasty grooves dripping from the tethered ends of AyGeeTee’s most opus of offerings, but again, I’m way bias. Thus, Ima quote Memory No. 36 Recordings:

Influential and prolific AyGeeTee joins Memory No. 36 for the first time to release Forward Elegy, consistent in feel yet characterized as a diverse expanse populated by overblown grooves, cavernous synthesizers, and alluring vocal samples that elicit a faint sense of trepidation. This album serves as a showcase for the artist to revisit familiar territory while simultaneously developing alternate forms of execution. Longtime supporters of AyGeeTee will be appreciative of this latest offering and newcomers will be provoked into finding the artist’s entire catalog to assimilate.

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