♫♪  AyGeeTee - I’m Here

Those old fucking Facebook status updates: “Nobody gives a shit.” AIM away messages quoting lonely Elliott Smith lyrics while you out to lunch with friends. The solo romantic. A piece that one can never find that’ll complete a heart puzzle. Nothing like the nothing-likes. *Breaks into song while standing in the shower; lyrics adjusted to follow the “rhythm” of what’s within I’m Here by AyGeeTee* It hasn’t been high school for fifteen years. Come compilation of rolling montages adrift at SEAGRAVE.

Similar to Gobby instrumentals, AyGeeTee has a knack for finding proper emotional sound. Like how all casino machines are programed in C because the not identifies most with human euphoria/contentment, I’m Here exudes a certain closure of taoist healing. Something without desire or angst. Just a medium balance between whatever and whenever. Find yourself at the end of a reel caught by SEAGRAVE:

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