♫♪  Bachanalia and Diamond Terrifier - “Shrine Flu” [collaborative duo version on WNUR]

It’s less a battle than a dual diagnosis. Back and forth, Bachanalia (Patrick Higgins) and Diamond Terrifier (Sam Hillmer) try to find common ground, something stable to initiate a sequence and binding for the listener’s healing. Beauty blows through brass as meditation is made in wooden vibration. They find “Shrine Flu” in you, putting forth all their energy, piece by piece, through miles of thought and transcendence, and the only way to deplete it is to embody their sound. Twenty-six minutes of crammed care for your Monday blues. As I’ve mentioned recently, you should follow these fellahs at they’s tour Twitter for maximum music interaction: shoot ‘em a tweet, find out where they is, and tell ‘em your favorite sammi-joint for a bite or fun locale to record a video for their next Chocolate Grinder post. #scopescopescope

• Patrick Higgins: http://patrickhigginsmusic.com
• Diamond Terrifier: http://diamondterrifier.tumblr.com

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