Sam Hillmer (ZS) modifies (with human people) his Diamond Terrifier solo project, announces new vinyl EP as Diamond Terrifier Cipher

Sam Hillmer (ZS) modifies (with human people) his Diamond Terrifier solo project, announces new vinyl EP as Diamond Terrifier Cipher
Photo: Cody DeFalco, Clandestine Label Services

New York City is the kind of formidable citadel that tends to keep the residents in and the outsiders out…which probably explains why I can’t get “authentic” New York pizza without first building an elaborate series of underground tunnels and smuggling various local experts in the craft outside of the city limits in the middle of the night. (It’s not kidnapping!)

But it also might explain why Sam Hillmer has been relatively quiet subsequent to the last ZS release in 2015. I mean, can you blame the longtime Brooklynite for settling in to the local scene following years of consistent and rigorous touring? Only adorable tramps from the 1800s and omnipresent demigods don’t need a home-base of some sort, and an added homebody-incentive for Hillmer is the fact that he co-founded the DIY Trans-Pecos venue (located in the Ridgewood neighborhood of Queens) not that long ago. You have to look after that shit!

That is, you have to look after that shit…until you don’t for a little bit, which must explain why Hillmer hit us up with some news concerning a new Diamond Terrifier release. Only, it’s not Diamond Terrifier in the traditional and deliberately solo sense. This new variation is going by the name “Diamond Terrifier Cipher,” and it features additional musicians Miho Hatori (also of Cibo Matto) on vocals, Don Devore, and Michael Baharie.

The new iteration’s first release a vinyl EP entitled Chapel Master, due October 13 from Styles Upon Styles and pre-orderable here (the vinyl version even comes with “four PTP remixes!). In the mean time, check out the cover art and full tracklisting — and listen to the titular track down below. Meanwhile, if you’ll excuse me; I’ve got a few more pizza connoisseurs to collect…

Chapel Master tracklisting (limited 12” vinyl version)

A1. Chapel Master
A2. Art Is War
A3. Not Lit
A4. Action Fortress
B1. Chapel Master (Jackie Remix)
B2. Art Is War (Dis Fig Remix)
B3. Not Lit (Celestial Trax Remix)
B4. Action Fortress (Geng Remix)

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