♫♪  Balam Acab - Club Water Discus [EP]

Balam Acab’s Alec Koone is one lucky guy. First, he’s got the brain to produce liquid-smooth dance tracks for drinking copious amounts of codeine to. Second, he gets, like, all the ladies (that’s a given). And finally, he spent a month at the Water Discus underwater hotel in Dubai! This place hasn’t even been built yet! I have no idea how he got Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s invite (I didn’t.), but it’s clear Koone is a high-roller now, so he’s celebrating by releasing a free, five-song EP, clearly inspired by this fictional hotel.

This release shouldn’t be taken too seriously, though, especially by those who fell in love with Koone’s signature sound. Apparent from the bubbly samples — there are lots and lots of bubbles here — and the goofy song titles, Club Water Discus presents an about-face for someone who realized his moniker releasing melancholy slow jams on Tri Angle records. Koone states that it’s basically just a jaunt and “non-indicative of sound of future official releases.” After all, the dark, subterranean feel of Koone’s full-length Wander/Wonder was the standard bearer for the equally water-obsessed label, but the screwed vocal samples are presented in a way that makes me think more of Sea World than of Challenger Deep. It’s peppy and infectious, in a tongue-in-cheek way. Every drum hit lands with a splash.

Download the Club Water Discus EP here.

• Balam Acab: http://on.fb.me/fQ4AL1

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