♫♪  ON GOD (a.k.a. Balam Acab) - “Shaun is Dead”

From The New York Times:

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration escalated its confrontation with so-called sanctuary cities that limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities, threatening them anew Friday with the loss of grant money if they do not remove certain barriers.The Justice Department sent letters to officials in New York City, Philadelphia, California and other places that were singled out last year by the agency’s inspector general for regulations that interfere with the ability of police or sheriffs to communicate with federal immigration authorities about the status of prisoners in their custody.

This, portending yet another major conflict between city and state, a battle cry that has turned to a dull hum illustrating the minor backdrop of Your Commander-in-Chief Donald J. Trump’s first 100 days in office, brought to you by Pepsi Corp. Meanwhile, the Administration has inherited a secret cyber war against North Korean missiles, former President Obama has tepidly returned to public life amid nascent nuclear war, and Alec Koone (a.k.a Balam Acab) welcomes you to the REAL downergaze with unreleased demo track “Shaun is Dead” for his ON GOD project.

To find me with a note/ That says goodbye.

The song, inspired by and indebted to the death of a long-time close friend of Koone, a former bandmate and confidante, “Shaun is Dead” is an overt reference and homage to 90s alt-rock — as with his co-released ON GOD mix “DOWNERGAZE 2.0: - burl-collecting millionaires” — yet the track retains the illustrative elements of his Balam project: soft, cooed sampled vocals over a dark, murky, submerged switchblade. Featuring live, spidery, throat-scratching vocals from Koone himself, the track is as much 90s Burzum as it is 90s Tal Bachman, impressive viva voce expressions, let alone the expert, grunge-laden guitar-work. Check it out below:

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