♫♪  Bardo Pond - Bardo Pond

Dip into the thought process of “Mescalito.” The two (20-ish minute) tracks of Curanderos by Bardo Pond will completely scalp you down to the bone-skull, crack it open with pure vibrations, and flay your mind into a flower full of bloom. The intentionally bored that tracks your vernacular back into an infinite loop typhooning a world only made to float and swim. There’s no land anymore. A rock exists in the depths of an underground unreachable to man. Nothing left but surface area. Limitations made by an increasingly timid architecture. Railing the rails after rail into a railed that’s railless. But nahh, nah. Miles Davis making out with the devil in a waterfall of blood that’s equally romanic and horrific, but most importantly: NEIThER KNoW YoUR WATcHINg!

With Bardo Pond’s RSD trilogy coming to an end, last year’s acclaimed Acid Guru Pond brought Bardo, Acid Mother’s Temple and Guru Guru together. The Philadelphia groups output for Record Store Day have been some of the most exciting and rewarding releases in recent years. They return with yet another special release, this time from side project Curanderos.

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